Lentil Salad with Sesame sauce

This salad is quick to make and full of nutrition. It takes about 10 minutes to prepare. This is one of my favorite light dinner meal. 

Serving for 2 people
Time to make: 10 mins

To make the salad you will need to have the following: 

  • Roasted lentils. Buy it ready made from Trader Joe’s. Frenchy and delicious
  • Cucumber shredded (2)
  • Tomatoes cut in cubes (2)
  • Parsley shredded small bunch fest size
  • Cilantro shredded small bunch fest size
  • Scallion thin sliced (3)
  • Yellow bel pepper shredded (1)
  • Yellow apple sliced (1)
  • olives (8)
  • olive oil (2) tbsp
  • sesame sauce from Trader Joe’s

Steps to Prepare: 

Step 1: 

Add all vegetables and apple together and then add the oil on top

Step 2: 

Add lentils and sesame sauce and mix again. Meal is ready to serve

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