Baked Béchamel Cauliflower

This recipe is inspired by the delicious Sicilian cuisine. Vegan Bechamel & mozzarella cheese with spicy spices.

Sicilian Mushroom Risotto

This recipe is inspired by the delicious Sicilian cuisine. Full of tomatoes, mushroom, spice flavor with slightly burned rice on the pan.

Baked Cream Potatoes

This French classic creme de la cream potatoes will be the ultimate Thanksgiving side dish on the table. Made fully vegan with oat milk and vegan better. The added rosemary will give the luxurious taste.

Persian Rice with Bok Choy

Learn how to cook bok choy, a healthy Asian vegetable, using the stir-fry method to create beautifully browned edges and crisp-tender stalks with Persian rice on the side.

Southern Green Sauté with lentils

This mediterranean sauté is sour and bold. The roasted lentils add more flavor to it. It’s full of nutrition with just few ingredients to assemble. Follow below for the details. 

Cabbage Carrot Sauté

The thanksgiving side dishes series continues. I promised a friend that I will post a number of side dishes so that you have enough option to choose from. The healthy food you want to offer. Yet it is quick and easy to make.  This recipe is inspired by the Russian cuisine. 

Chestnut, Beets & Sesame Salad

It’s chestnut season. Recently, I discovered that Trader Joe’s sells these precooked chestnut. So I bought it and I bought the precooked beets. Thoughts these two will work will together in A salad which it did. Checkout the recipe. It is a quick grab and make salad for your thanksgiving side dish.

Oatmeal with golden dates

I am so excited to introduce to you this delicious superfood breakfast recipe. I made this recipe this morning. It was just what I was looking for my breakfast. The banana, golden dates, raisins & dates syrup toppings were the perfect mix for my oatmeal.

I recently imported these golden organic dates from Saudi Arabia. The dates are unique and delicious. It tastes like caramel or galaxy bar. But natural. It is so soft. Topping the oatmeal with it was a great addition. Not only I added the dates but also the organic date syrup that we will launch soon to our store. Stay tuned. Date syrup is such a great alternative to sugar. If you have never tried it, you better do with this recipe.

Eggplant Sauté

Thanksgiving is just few weeks away and you would want to show up with something new, vegan and different not the traditional sides dishes. Yet it is easy to make and has unique flavors. I used curry spice with marinara sauce to give it that unique taste.

Roasted Colored Carrots

Its Halloween and the party is at your place. You are wondering what would be a great appetizer that would fit the scary theme you have set up. Yet you want to offer something healthy. We have it for you! Its Roasted Colored Carrots. Of course Organics and easy to make. You can make it spicy so it is not just colorful. But also exciting.