Why Should I detox ? Can Juice Cleanse my Body ?

Detox is a healthy habit that we all need to adapt. Even with one day of detox, you can see a lot of benefits. Your body can quickly see results from detoxing. Of course, the more days you can detox, the better. If you for one day skip a heavy dinner and just have salad, […]

A healthy Vegan Candy Alternative for Kids

A healthy Vegan Candy Alternative for Kids Kids love candy, a fact that even dogs know. There are so many sweet and delicious products out there that are easy for kids to reach. Kids crave them anytime during the day and sometimes even after meals since candies are small and tasty. However, they are harmful […]

Are dates healthy? Here are few reasons to learn

Are dates healthy? Here are few reasons to learn Dates are sweet and tasty which makes many people question whether dates sugar is good for them or not. I went on to research the fruit to learn about the nutrition in this fruit. In this article, I will summarize what I learned from my research […]

Tips on how to follow Veganster’s Diet Program

Here are few tips you should follow to keep yourself organized and ready for our 5 day diet program. It is easy, we know you can do it: Some recipes need or can be prepared the day before. Cooking should never be a time of stress! Find a day (Sunday preferably) to sit and organize your […]

Unique Food Experience and Vegan ? Veganster got you!!!

We all like to go and try new restaurants with friends or on a date night. For some we say “God this place taste like homemade food” others we never go back to again. But the experience is always there. This week i came across a new thing that a friend of mine told me […]

Veganster is here

Welcome to my blog, Vegansters!! I created this blog not only for me to blog but also for anyone to post any content they wish to share. I will talk about Vegan food, restaurants, health tips, provide diets program for you to follow, and share yours as well. The goal of this blog is to […]