Tips on how to follow Veganster’s Diet Program

Here are few tips you should follow to keep yourself organized and ready for our 5 day diet program. It is easy, we know you can do it:

  • Some recipes need or can be prepared the day before.
  • Cooking should never be a time of stress! Find a day (Sunday preferably) to sit and organize your weekly meal plan. First, because you will know what to buy at the grocery store in one straight and you won’t have to go back and forth there.
  • Try to buy at the farmers market to eat fresh, organic, seasonal and local 🙂
  • Look carefully at the composition of the ingredients for any fake meat reconstituted, because vegan doesn’t mean always Healthy, especially when you buy alternative, reconstituted or non-organic products.
  • Drink at least 1/5L water daily.
  • Don’t drink during a meal because it slows the digestion. It’s better to drink before meals because, besides protecting the walls of the stomach, it bring you a sensation of satiety that will avoid you overeating.
  • Eat slow. if you can’t then train yourself to do so.
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Every 3 hours a meal, Lose a pound a day!!! Veganster’s Weight Loss Diet with Meal Recipes

I have tried and followed so many diet programs to stay in shape and lose extra weight in the past.  But only one that worked for me which i will detail below. This program is full of nutrition so you don’t need to worry about having a good intake while losing weight. I do recommend you to follow the below program for two weeks and you will notice that you will lose a pound a day, while you don’t feel hungry at all in light of having a meal every 3 hours (i assumed your day starts at 8 am). I have tried it and i know you will like it.

It is a five days Program, on weekend you can have whatever you crave as long as it is not high on calories:

Day one:

( Eat Every 3 hours – Drink two glasses of water between each meal )
  • 8am: 3 slices wholewheat bread tartine with crushed avocado or vegan cheese (The vegan cream cheese at trader joe’s) & some cherry tomatoes
  • 11am: Banana & almonds
  • 2pm: Quinoa salad mixed with any seasonal fruits/vegetables
  • 5pmApple & non-dairy yogurt
  • 8pm: Lentils soup

Day Two:

( Eat Every 3 hours – Drink two glasses of water between each meal  )
  • 8am: Muesli cereals with you favorite non diary milk. (I recommend you the rice milk because it’s low calorie, very digestible and so tasty!)
  • 11am: Apple
  • 2pm: Wholewheat bread sandwich with tomato, lettuce & any vegan “meat” (spread it with vegan butter, mayonnaise or hummus)
  • 5pm: Coconut yogurt & your favorite nut
  • 8pm: Bolognese spaghetti

Day Three:

( Eat Every 3 hours – Drink two glasses of water between each meal )
  • 8am: Scrambled tofu with mushrooms
  • 11am: Seasonal fruits (maximum 2 different )
  • 2pm: 2 slices sourdough bread or wholewheat bread with broad beans & cashew cheese
  • 5pm: Vegan cereal bar with any seasonal fruit
  • 8pm: Brown rice with spinach & chickpeas

Day Four:

( Eat Every 3 hours – Drink two glasses of water between each meal )
  • 8am: 3 small slices of wholewheat bread with any jam or vegan chocolate spread and orange juice
  • 11am: An apple! Because like we say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!
  • 2pm: Oriental salad
  • 5pm: Banana & kale chips
  • 8pm: Green curry Thai soup

Day Five:

( Eat Every 3 hours – Drink two glasses of water between each meal )


You will start to feel a change at the end of the first day if you do it well.

The changes you could see and feel from the first day :

Urge to pee! If you are not used to drink much in the day, you will notice the first change in the toilets (Yes, it’s how it works…). And that means that your body cleans and eliminates toxins. At the end of the day, the color of your urine will be clear. Well done!

More energetic physically and mentally. When you eat fast food often ( I call fast food any kind of industrial food ) or too much bad carbohydrates like white rice, pasta, white bread, fries cooked with oil, corn, white sugar, potatoes, soda, alcohol etc. Your digestive system doesn’t properly assimilate these foods and therefore works more and draws in your energy. That’s why you could feel tired after a meal or less focus at work.
When you eat foods that contains a lot f vitamins, fiber-rich foods and good carbs, like fruits, sweet potatoes, rye bread, berries, veggies, quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, legumes, etc., Your body will absorb all the nutrients from each food and provide you all the energy and fuel needed for the rest of your day. You will feel immediately lighter, energetic and focus.

Don’t forget to drink water before and between each meals to help the digestion and reduce hunger. It’s also important to drink your first glass of water when you wake up. That will wake up your body and prepare it to start the day healthily. Sometimes I like to squeeze a lemon into lukewarm water because lemon has many benefits :

It gives energy and improves morale
It refreshes breath
It helps digestion
It stimulates the immune system
It cleans your blood and your skin
It helps to lose weight
it purify the urinary system because the lemon is diuretic, which means it will increase the amount of urine in the body, so the toxins are eliminated faster.
Lemon is just a wonder of nature ( if it’s organic 😉 )

During and after the week you might notice several changes as less stress, better sleep and a positive attitude.
Physically, your skin and hair might be healthier cleaner and your body more balanced with less fat.

Try it and maybe you can give us your feedback!


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Unique Food Experience and Vegan ? Veganster got you!!!

We all like to go and try new restaurants with friends or on a date night. For some we say “God this place taste like homemade food” others we never go back to again. But the experience is always there. This week i came across a new thing that a friend of mine told me about. A new concept and a great idea. Food like Airbnb. is a website that provides you with the home cooked meal concept. You now can go to a chief’s home and try the food he/she makes.  The website allows you to filter your search for the food you like. The filter can be by location, price, cuisine, and dietary restriction. Vegan Dishes looked mouth-watering. Now with this website, you can go to vegan chefs homes and get to experience what they offer.

Of course, you will be able to see what type of food they making and when. You will be able as well to choose the date and know the cost for that meal. Every chef offers something different and that is what i like about it. It won’t be the same menu and same time, it all depends on what the chef will post. In addition, the website allows you to post a review for the meal and chef which will make it easy for you to choose.

Not only that you can go and eat but also you can become a chef yourself. If you know how to cook and enjoy making food, this website will finally help you monetize your talent anytime and at your place. But if you do so, don’t forget to invite me.




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