Why Should I detox ? Can Juice Cleanse my Body ?

Detox is a healthy habit that we all need to adapt. Even with one day of detox, you can see a lot of benefits. Your body can quickly see results from detoxing. Of course, the more days you can detox, the better. If you for one day skip a heavy dinner and just have salad, you can see how light your body is. Your sleep and your morning are much more better. Imagine you detox for a day or two or even a week. But in this article, I will just explore one day of detox. Something that we all can do as a test and see how you will feel afterward. First, let me walk you through the benefits of detoxing with juicing.   


Detoxing with juice has a lot of benefits and indeed does cleanse your body. Let me correct that, it does cleanse both your body and mind. In my experience, juice cleanse was a favorite habit for the benefit I gained and felt on my mind.  


So, what are the benefits: 


One-day cleanse has a real contributing factor to hydration. It really does improve your energy level, mood, and reduces thirst. The natural water in fruits and veggies takes care of getting you hydrated. 


The second benefit is improving your sleep. When you stop for one day drinking caffeine, reduce sugar intake, and replace it with juice, you are now removing all disrupters and toxins from your body leading to a solid stable night sleep. 


The third benefit is giving your digestive system a vacation. Don’t you ever wonder why you can’t think at work after having lunch? That’s due to your body and mind being busy taking care of all the fun stuff you ate. Your body takes a lot of energy and mind capacity to process the food you eat to extract the benefits from it. When you have a juice packed by all the vitamins your body needs, you are basically giving your body and mind a gift, a day off. Now, your body and mind can focus on getting your cells renewed. This leads to my fourth benefit. 

The fourth benefit is mind clarity. When you give your body the nutrition it needs in one shot, your mind is now can focus on other important things in your life or just relax. You didn’t spend time thinking about what you would eat, that also takes energy from our mind.


The fifth benefit is nutrition and eliminating toxins. Many foods we eat contain toxins to our body and bloat. For example, dairy and gluten contain inflammatories to our bodies. When having juice full of vitamins and nutrition, you basically can help your body recover and fight these inflammations. 


Finally, a juice cleanse will help you feel energized and reduce food cravings. As I mentioned earlier, your body is not taking time to digest thus all the energy is available for you to use somewhere else. The juice does give you all nutrition and minerals your body needs and this will help in reducing your food cravings. A quick step to main your body weight and help you make a better food decision. 


That being said, would you give yourself a one-day detox? Don’t you think you deserve that? I believe you do. So, go ahead and try it. And when you do, please post a comment here about how you felt about it. 


Happy Detoxing!! 

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