Sicily Spaghetti

Sicilians make spaghetti a bit different than the northern part of Italy. They add spice influenced by Mediterranean cuisine. In this recipe, you will learn how to make a Sicilian Spaghetti in just 10 mins. The ingredients should be complicated and you should easily follow.

Broccoli on Pan

A great healthy & quick to make recipe. My favorite work from home meal. Keep you in shape & strong.

Spring mix Salad with BeyondMeat Meal in 10 mins

Today most of us work from home and that forces to eat at home. We no longer go with a coworker to the healthy next door for lunch. We are force to either meal prep or make something quick. I recently start the 10 minutes recipes for that reason. And of course Quick and healthy. This recipe has great combinations, salad and Beyond meat hot dogs.

Eggplant Pan Fried

An appetizer in 10 mins. Yet still healthy even thought fried on a pan.