Tips on how to follow Veganster’s Diet Program

Here are few tips you should follow to keep yourself organized and ready for our 5 day diet program. It is easy, we know you can do it:

  • Some recipes need or can be prepared the day before.
  • Cooking should never be a time of stress! Find a day (Sunday preferably) to sit and organize your weekly meal plan. First, because you will know what to buy at the grocery store in one straight and you won’t have to go back and forth there.
  • Try to buy at the farmers market to eat fresh, organic, seasonal and local 🙂
  • Look carefully at the composition of the ingredients for any fake meat reconstituted, because vegan doesn’t mean always Healthy, especially when you buy alternative, reconstituted or non-organic products.
  • Drink at least 1/5L water daily.
  • Don’t drink during a meal because it slows the digestion. It’s better to drink before meals because, besides protecting the walls of the stomach, it bring you a sensation of satiety that will avoid you overeating.
  • Eat slow. if you can’t then train yourself to do so.

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