10 delicious thanksgiving side dishes to choose from

Thanksgiving is around the corner. I recently started this series of publishing a healthy side dishes for thanksgiving. Influenced by many ethnic cuisine.  I know many of you out there want to stay slim and healthy. But still hungry and want to eat delicious tasty food. I have 10 recipes for you to choose from. All easy to prep and make at home. 

Recipe #1 is the famous Ukrainian pancakes made with Zucchini.  

Recipe #2 Beyond Meat lovers,  Sausages Vegetable Sauté.

Recipe #3 the go to salad, Caramelized Mushroom Arugula Salad.

Recipe #4 the local Mykonos, Tzatziki Sauce.

Recipe #5 the healthy alternative to rice & bread, the Russian Buckwheat.

Recipe #6 the traditional Syrian, Muhammara Dip.

Recipe #7 the all time side dish, Zhoug Sauce.

Recipe #8 the sharp Cardamom Wild Black Rice

Recipe #9  Eggplant lovers, Eggplant tahini with Beyond Meat.

Recipe #10 The Labanese, Basil Hummus.

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