Are dates healthy? Here are few reasons to learn

Are dates healthy Here are few reasons to learn

Are dates healthy? Here are few reasons to learn

Dates are sweet and tasty which makes many people question whether dates sugar is good for them or not. I went on to research the fruit to learn about the nutrition in this fruit. In this article, I will summarize what I learned from my research about dates. 

Origin of dates and nutrition

Dates go back to at least 50 million years of cultivation. It has been a staple food for the middle eastern and specifically in the Arabia region, specifically in Egypt. We are talking here about 5530 BC. Ancient Arabs used the fruit to make date wine, add them to bread and make cakes, and used the palm clumps to build things with it. 

Nowadays, Dates are an important traditional crop in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, and Palestine. Among these countries, Saudi Arabia itself has a wide variety of dates. Saudi produces about 16 types of dates itself and has the largest dates market in the Middle East. We brought to you 3 types of these dates, check them out here

When it comes to nutrition, dates provide a wide range of essential nutrients. Here are few reasons why dates are healthy:  

  1. Dates considered a superfood, it is loaded with dietary fiber that will help in digestion leading to avoid diarrhea or constipation. It is high in unsaturated fatty acids that control inflammation linked to obesity. According to Kothari, an integrative nutritionist and gut health coach “Dates are excellent gut cleansers”.   
  2. Rich in antioxidants and Beta-glucan 1-3 considered important factors to build a strong immune system that fights viruses, Bacteria in which reduces the episodes of cold & flu to kids 
  3. Full of glucose which produces energy for kids. Dates replenish all the sugar within a couple of minutes. It has natural sugar that’s low in glycemic index (GI) which measures how quickly your blood sugar rises after eating certain foods.
  4. High in Iron which will increase red blood cells. Iron is a great source to prevent anemia
  5. Have enough protein to support building muscle and elevate brain health. 
  6. Have Calcium, magnesium, and Manganese which are sources for strengthening drones and improving their density.
  7. Have vitamin A, B6, C, E, and K 

Now that you know the benefits of dates, start replacing sweets and candy with dates. Some dates do taste sweet and candy. 

Ways to eat dates

You can eat dates by themselves as having fruit or you can also get creative and add it to the salad, oatmeal, cereal, or a smoothie made with banana or nut-based milk. You can also stuff dates with nuts. Dates can also be a substitute for white sugar. You can use date paste as a sweetener in desserts like cake and pies. I sometimes make energy balls and granola bars with dates. dates

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