A healthy Vegan Candy Alternative for Kids

A healthy Vegan Candy Alternative for Kids

Kids love candy, a fact that even dogs know. There are so many sweet and delicious products out there that are easy for kids to reach. Kids crave them anytime during the day and sometimes even after meals since candies are small and tasty. However, they are harmful to the kids due to a load of sugar in them, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives. They can lead to obesity, cavities, and other dental problems. Nowadays, parents are realizing these negative impacts on their kids’ health and are more concerned about giving candies and sweets to them.  

So the question comes, what would be a healthy alternative for candies and sweets to give my kids that is also tasty and full of benefits?  Here I will provide you with one alternative to give to your kids that is sweet and full of nutrition. I will also give you the full list of the alternative benefits and the different ways to offer it to them so it will always be perceived as unique and tasty to kids. 

In eastern and middle eastern cultures, dates are the candy for kids. Dates are delicious, sweet, and full of nutrition. Kids love it too. There are lots of benefits for giving kids dates too, I will name some of them below: 

  1. Dates considered a superfood, it is loaded with dietary fiber that will help in digestion leading to avoid diarrhea or constipation. It is high in unsaturated fatty acids that control inflammation linked to obesity. According to Kothari, an integrative nutritionist and gut health coach “Dates are excellent gut cleansers”.   
  2. Rich in antioxidants and Beta-glucan 1-3 considered important factors to build a strong immune system that fights viruses, Bacteria in which reduces the episodes of cold & flu to kids 
  3. Full of glucose which produces energy for kids. Dates replenish all the sugar within a couple of minutes. It has natural sugar that’s low in glycemic index (GI) which measures how quickly your blood sugar rises after eating certain foods.
  4. High in Iron which will increase red blood cells. Iron is a great source to prevent anemia
  5. Has enough protein to support building muscle and elevate brain health. 
  6. Has Calcium, magnesium, and Manganese which are sources for strengthening drones and improves their density. 

Dates have many different types and textures. Here are some of those types that kids will like: 

  1. Ajwa Madina 
  2. Khudary  
  3. Dry Sukari
  4. Sagai  

Before giving dates to kids make sure you remove the pit inside the date. Some dates are sold pitted. 

Ways to offer dates to kids

You can offer dates by themselves to kids as having fruit or you can also get creative and add it to the salad, oatmeal, cereal, or a smoothie made with banana or nut-based milk. You can also stuff dates with nuts which is another way that kids would enjoy. Dates can also be a substitute for white sugar. You can use date paste as a sweetener in desserts like cake and pies. I sometimes make energy balls and granola bars with dates. I am sure kids would love those too. 

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