Why Should I detox ? Can Juice Cleanse my Body ?

Detox is a healthy habit that we all need to adapt. Even with one day of detox, you can see a lot of benefits. Your body can quickly see results from detoxing. Of course, the more days you can detox, the better. If you for one day skip a heavy dinner and just have salad, […]

Pancakes Zucchini

Serving for 4 people  Time to make: 20 mins Have you ever thought that you could make pancakes from zucchini? It can be for breakfast. But I rather have it at lunch with Salad. This recipe is healthy and tasty at the same time. You can do this in less than 20 mins after you […]

Beyond Meat Sausages Vegetable sauté

Serving for 4 people  Time to make: 20 mins Here is another recipe inspired by beyond meat sausages. This sauté made with mushrooms, red bell pepper, and white asparagus couldn’t be more better than adding the vegan beyond meat sausages. I always like to think about what else I can blend those tasty sausages. This […]

Caramelized mushrooms Arugula Salad

Serving for 4 people  Time to make: 20 mins When you want to stay healthy and light but also want to have something delicious and sweet at the same time, then you got to give this recipe a try. Caramelized mushrooms with pine nuts and arugula are now my new favorite salad. So quick to […]

A healthy Vegan Candy Alternative for Kids

A healthy Vegan Candy Alternative for Kids Kids love candy, a fact that even dogs know. There are so many sweet and delicious products out there that are easy for kids to reach. Kids crave them anytime during the day and sometimes even after meals since candies are small and tasty. However, they are harmful […]

Are dates healthy? Here are few reasons to learn

Are dates healthy? Here are few reasons to learn Dates are sweet and tasty which makes many people question whether dates sugar is good for them or not. I went on to research the fruit to learn about the nutrition in this fruit. In this article, I will summarize what I learned from my research […]


Your are reading about your new favorite side dish. If you really looking for a healthy side dish to replace rice or other high carbs side dishes, then Buckwheat is your choice. When I learnt about Buckwheat, I started making it every other day. At first, I made it with a basic recipe but then […]

Mushroom Spaghetti

Today, I made this spaghetti recipe with mushroom and the vegan Bechamel sauce I posted last month. The recipe came out a successful one. It was not a brainer. It took me 25 mins to make it. Below I will provide you with the ingredients that you will need to have for this recipe, Just […]